Just in time for Christmas, NATIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 8.2%!

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What Would Milton Friedman do?

A Fiscal Cliff? Bring it on!

As Friedman says, it is Time to Choose! Soaking the Rich is NOT the answer to the problem, spending is the problem!

Let me tell you, in this country, I am in the 10% bracket…I make less than $50,000 a year, which is considered middle class.  But in much of the rest of the world, I would be considered rich. In fact, according to the CIA world fact book, of 194 countries, I would rank 8th…which is ironically where the US ranks out of 194 countries. This means I would be in the top 4% of earners around the world. Something to consider when you think about “class warfare” in this country.

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Cliff Jumping!

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The Fiscal Cliff

Usually a cliff is something that is well defined. You can see it on a map. In some cases, there is water at the bottom of the cliff because a river cutting through over thousands of years has created the cliff.

Like that river that took thousands of years to make the cliff, our national debt and our federal spending has been increasing at an alarming rate in the past few decades, and like the real cliff, going over the side of it is not a very pleasant prospect.  For a moment, let’s look at income and spending.

Consider the recent Powerball Jackpot of $540,000,000. Did you realize that would “power the federal government” for about 80 minutes? 80 minutes???  Back in 1904, the ANNUAL money the government received was 541 million dollars, and now, 108 years later, that same income only runs the government for 80 minutes?

So, before we head off the cliff, what is the plan? Well, the current plan of the Obama administration is “tax the rich” so they pay “their fair share.” OK, Mister economics major, let’s do what you propose. Tax the rich. Fine. Let’s make the people in the top 5% of income earners pay more. But wait…the top 5% in this country already pay 59% of the taxes. Is that fair? Should they pay more?  Let’s just say they do. How close will that bring us to solving the spending problem in Washington?

The answer is, it really won’t help much at all.  By increasing taxes on those making more then $250,000 per year, it would pay for NINE days of the deficit created by government spending. So, what about the other 356 days in the year, huh?

This cannot JUST be about tax increases. By repeating this line of “paying their fair share” over and over, the President is attempting to fool the American people into believing that taxation is the only way to prosperity. The cold hard fact is…it’s not.  There MUST be spending cuts!

States have to balance their budgets, and we should hold the Federal government just as responsible. Call or write to your US Representatives and Senators. Encourage them to support a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, but only if SPENDING CUTS are a part of the deal.

“We don’t have deficits because people are taxed too little. We have deficits because government spends too much.” – Ronald Reagan

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Bill Whittle talks about Conservatism

A great speech! Take 15 minutes and listen to Bill.

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Happy Thanksgiving in Obama’s America

Thanks to the policies of the Obama administration, more Americans will now be eating with food stamps on Thanksgiving. The answer though, it seems, is raise taxes on the rich. Yeah, because that’s been working SO WELL.

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How to navigate Thanksgiving at a liberal relatives house

OK, so MOST of my immediate family are conservatives. So are my girlfriends parents, so this does not really apply to me. However, I know there are those of you out there who do have to deal with “celebratory liberals” this Thanksgiving. And for you, I present the following, courtesy of Breitbart.com and Joel B. Pollak

As a public service to our readers, and as a gesture towards civility in our national discourse, we offer the following how-to-guide for surviving Thanksgiving dinner at the home of your triumphant liberal relatives:

  • “Your home looks lovely. Almost like it’s worth what you paid for it. Obama didn’t help with that yet, did he? Oh, well, maybe next term. May I use your bathroom?”
  • In the unlikely event that your host’s home has appreciated in value, use this introduction instead: “Love what you’ve done with it. Better dump it before the new year, though, or you might face that new Obamacare tax.” (Wait until after dinner to make a lowball offer.)
  • “Oh, grandma, I’m so sorry about what Obama did to your Medicare. I tried to stop him.”
  • “Little Johnny, all grown up. Still looking for a job? Oh. There’s always grad school, you know. I hear Obama will pay your student loans.”
  • “Jane, you look amazing! I bet you’re the reason Obama promised free contraception.”
  • “Hey, kids, let’s watch some football. Whatever team Obama picked, that’s the one that’s going to lose. Ask Detroit.”
  • “I’m thankful that the war on women is finally over, and you accepted a racist like me back into your midst.”
  • “I’m thankful for Elizabeth Warren. Now that we have a Native American in the Senate, we can celebrate without feeling guilty anymore.”
  • “I’d like to take a moment to remember those four brave Americans who lost their lives because of an anti-Islamic video.”
  • “Blessed be Obama, from whom we enjoy this bountiful harvest.”
  • “No turkey for me, thanks. The poultry industry is a major contributor to global warming, and I can’t eat meat without thinking about how I caused Hurricane Sandy.”
  • “I’m not having cranberry sauce, either. So many of our cranberries today are imported from Poland, and they supported Mitt Romney, you know.”
  • “Have some more pumpkin pie, please. I promise not to tell Michelle Obama.”
  • “What, no more Twinkies this year?”
  • “I can’t believe it’s time to go already. Four hours and $600 million in national debt just flew by.”
  • Gan en jie kuai le! That’s Happy Thanksgiving in Chinese. Might as well start learning.”
  • “Why don’t you come to our place next year. Seeing as how your taxes are going up in a few weeks, it’s only fair.”
  • “Sorry I parked you in. Oh, darn, I drove the Chevy Volt today. You wouldn’t have an extension cord, would you?”
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